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Are you a local business needing better search engine visibility?

Hello, I’m Terry Reeves

I have specialized in SEO in and around Nashville including cities across the US for more than 20 years. You can view my resume here

If you feel you need professional SEO services, you need to contact me first. A SEO service may be beneficial to your rankings or it could be an expensive waste of money. I can spend about an hour looking into your website, rankings and competitors to give you an honest appraisal of potential search engine improvements. 

Unfortunately, SEO services will not improve the rankings of every business website. It can be very difficult and sometimes impossible to out rank competitors who have been online for many years. Sadly, SEO service providers will not tell you this if you are willing to pay their fee.

Contact me through the form below to start a discussion about potential website search engine improvements.


Local Businesses I Can Help

I have worked for hundreds of local businesses and some of the biggest brands online.

If I find SEO will not improve your online visibility, there are other options. Ultimately, you want an increase in new business and SEO is but one way to make that happen.

Let’s start a conversation about your possibilities today.


About Terry

If you get bored just remember, I had to live it

I’m a digital marketer. I’m also a father to two wonderful children. My wife of over 20 years was my best friend before we married in 1998. I’m also a Christ follower who came to Christ in my early thirties. I have crossed over the fifty mark in years and plan to spend the next 20 plus years living as close to the beach as possible. We spend as much of our summers as possible on Crescent beach, south of Saint Augustine, north of Daytona.

There’s more to me than what I get paid to do. This page digs a little deeper. You might want to pop some popcorn. It could be considered TMI but it offers a high-level background on how I got to where I am now.

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